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Temporarily, I beheld my portrait in a mirror,

every imperfection,

with patterns of unflattering, reflections of myself-

lessly wanting to change, but flawed within the very fabric of my existence.

Frayed edges held together, like the intensions of Saul, lying to the very being,

that sees right through to sin.

Trying to redeem himself after appeasing the people,

pleasing only the self-righteous rhetoric of oneself.

Tears of disillusion knowing there was a price to pay, not owed today

will be used as a vessel not to soothe, but only to wrath gives way,

to removing this masked charade of godliness.

I expose the tumor growing in my soul, poisoning my body to a slow dead.

it spreads to contaminate the health of my mind

I must remove the source of my pain,

fully proceeding into the intricate healing of my heart-

attacked by unwilling spores oozing lies that I can do this all by myself.

I attest to the test that God can use my mess,

that I’ve created trying not to reveal my true self

his touch washes away particles of waste, potential fatal

to the very improvement of my circumstances,

restoring the foundation while sealing the breaches

I surrender to the instructions of his teachings,

to be fitly framed under the construction

no longer falling under the deception of temporarily!

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