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Roe vs Wade Overturnment

Updated: Mar 26

We Choose Life

Murdered Child

Words spoken formed life into the womb. blood stains ooze from the vessels meant to produce Life, abandoned; stains imprinted, with no repentance represented as choice, analogous to genocide, predestined existence, that child rise; but raised in lies, severing all ties and thoughts of HIM it lives in deteriorated calculations of wrath; while grace is displaced into Contempt, I breathe into your aspirations of becoming a man, struggling to stand, I cripple your growth assaulting your masculinity; while integrating my femininity into an identity not made for you, but will cost you indiscriminately your soul, buckling under the weight of what it takes to forsake, your own will I neither instilled knowledge nor faith instead, bathe you in hate of ancient words, man, of God no wonder you’re not able to part with your gods while you promote self-hate, masked as love looking to; Strangulate, any preconceived self-worth; she is nothing more than scared emotions, lust dressed as an extension of damages made to her heart, thoughts of pleasing her creator turns to appeasing him with no name causing her to fall…. apart; her legs shake under the weight of responsibilities she’s not ready to become someone’s mom so she hates her seed, in the vessel meant to produce Life;

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