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Located in Kingsport, Tennesse 

Mission Statement: REACH one, then TEACH one, until we RESTORE one!

Our Mission:

Restoration Hope aims to cultivate hope and healing through our educational and workforce-driven programs. We support behavioral and/or trauma management, faith-based counseling, unaccompanied minor transitional housing, and mentorship while empowering our community for collective change.

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Uncovering the Meaning: The Fascinating Story Behind the Flower

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we are no longer acceptingnew housing applications,we are in search of a facilityto accommodatethe growing requestfor our transitional housingmentorship program.

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Our programs to support the youth and young adults in our transitional housing but also our community. We strive to promote secondary educational goals, career driven mindset, behavioral and/or trauma management and faith-based counseling, with peer-run life skill courses to maximize youth entry into the workforce and self-sufficiency .

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Emergency placement is currently unavailable!!

Please be advised we are not offering travel accommodations at this time.

Our housing services are available to young adults ages 15 - 26 

Our launchpad programs support schools ages 8-18

The blessings pantry is open to participants of the program and community assistance are by appointment as item are available. 


As much as we'd like to help everyone, our program does have requirements to be eligible for housing within the facility:


Unfortunately, this program is unable to accept participants with a pending warrant, indictment, or presentment.

Has been convicted, pled guilty to, or pled no contest to any crime or charge involving the physical,

sexual, or emotional abuse of a child or person;

or any other crimes involving a threat to the health, safety, or welfare of a person or child;

Any crime of violence, including a lesser included offense derived from a crime of violence against another person

All Participants must have and maintain a birth certificate, social security card, and state-issued identification card. Or requested the required identification items within 5 days of entering the program. The applicant will be on a 90-day probationary review in continuing the program. 


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Transforming Lives

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